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You can see how much oil and dirt the oven cleaner pulls out of the wood. I usually spray it again at this stage (when the foam starts to drip off the stock). Remember to turn the stock over and spray the underside. It is important to keep all of the stock wet with the cleaner. I will let the cleaner work for about 20-30 minutes.

After 20-30 minutes rinse the stock well with warm water and rub down with a soft sponge.

......in the meantime you can start boiling a lot of water in tea kettles.

Start to pour boiling water over the entire stock avoiding the taped off cartouche area. I pour very slowly from top to bottom / bottom to top paying particular attention to the nicks, dings and scrapes. You can actually see the dents disappear as the hot water flows over them.

The water gets very dirty. A mixture of oils, dirt, wood tannin and oven cleaner. I will pour as many as 6 large tea kettles full of boiling water over the stock. The water collected in the bucket will eventually get cleaner but it takes a while.

Remove the tape and quickly pour a little bit of boiling water on the stock where the tape was. This will just start to remove a bit of the dirt and oils and any tape residue. Keep looking carefully at the cartouche and stop hitting it with water when you start to see it looking less glossy.

When you are confident that the stock has had enough water poured over it it just needs to dry. I keep the stock drying for a good 24 hours. If you rush this by not waiting long enough you may trap moisture inside the wood when you put a finish on it.

While I wait I can put another coat of boiled linseed oil on this project stock.

Such a pretty stock!

24 +  hours later

The stock has a nice even color of natural walnut. A very nice starting point for the finishing process.


At this point I will apply my first coat of boiled linseed oil to the entire stock.  

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