Dummy Ammunition, firearm instructor supplies, and cartridge display bullets made from real cartridge components.

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WW2 M2 30-06 AP   (armor piercing) inert Takedown round

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30-06 AP WW2 dummy round 30-06 AP ammunition dummy round WW2

This is a very interesting item!

An actual WW2 Armor Piercing .30-06 cartridge is used to make this effective teaching aid. It has been carefully disassembled, rendered completely inert, and all parts have been worked so that they can be easily broken down into 4 separate components and then reassembled. Very impressive to see what the cartridge of choice of our fighting men in WW2 actually consisted of! The components are precise fitting but will take normal classroom handling well. These are relatively pricey, but a great deal of work goes into each one. Every component is worked and original to that particular WW2 dated cartridge. I make them up one at a time and do so to provide a unique model for firearm instructors and history buffs.

The primer pocket at the base of the cartridge has been completely removed. The AP round has been broken down into components that could never produce an actual working projectile.

Head stamps vary, but all will be USGI and WW2 dated.

Breaks down into 4 pieces! The case with base of AP jacket remaining, the carbide steel core, lead point filler, and the upper part of the copper jacket with the distinctive black-tip.

.30-06 AP inert component model

38 special bullet assortment

This is a great teaching tool. In every firearm class students ask, “What ammo should I buy?” Using actual INERT .38 special cartridges and your speed loader, you can pass around an example of 6 bullet designs. This allows students to have a visual aid in hand as you explain the different projectile profiles and uses. Best yet, secured in your speed loader, nothing gets dropped or lost! Sure makes explaining what the bullets look like and what they are used for easier when the students can see them up close. Looks cool on your shelf too!

Includes a hollow point, semi wad cutter, shot shell, wad cutter, FMJ, and round nose lead.

You get 1 of each INERT cartridge.

NO SPEED LOADER is included.

38 special cartridge assortment

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(Speed loader not included)

38 Special cartridge assortment

.223/5.56 model Firearm instructor set

This is a great set for instructors who teach HP or service rifle courses. There are many, many .224 bullets out there this is a set of 7 that illustrates most major groups. You get from left to right: Ballistic silver tip (it just looks so cool), 75 Grain A-max ( long range & competition), Spitzer style lead tip (hunting), hollow point (defense), Full metal jacket 55 grain (target / plinking), SS109 /m855 62 grain “green tip (standard issue), and the new M855A1 EPR 62 grain ( new standard issue / still in development / testing )

All rounds in the set INCLUDING the M855 and M855A1 have been completely de-milled by removing powder/primer, drilling out primer pocket and drilling a case wall hole. This is not sold as live ammunition and live cartridges cannot be made from these INERT teaching aids.

If it is illegal in your state or community to possess steel core rifle cartridges I would caution you that even though de-milled & completely inert, the 2 steel core inert cartridges may not be legal to possess. Check your laws before ordering.

This set is very time consuming to make and will only be available in limited numbers and for a limited time.

223/5.56 instructor model set.

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Cutaway of 45 ACP FMJ and 45 ACP HP cartridges

These CUTAWAY cartridges are carefully made from actual cartridge components. An example of a 45 ACP FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) and 45 ACP HP (Hollow point) cartridge is included. One of the primers is cut in half with the cartridge and the other will have an intact (spent) primer installed after the cut so you can see clearly how it is oriented in the primer pocket.

I make these up by hand and they take a lot of time and finishing so delivery times may be a little longer than my normal turnaround time. I use these in my firearms courses and they are always studied by the students.

A very nice prop.

Picture coming soon

45 acp Cutaways (HP & FMJ)

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