Dummy Ammunition, firearm instructor supplies, and cartridge display bullets made from real cartridge components.

Cartridge Assortments
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Shipping Information


Order turnaround time

The normal turnaround time for orders is 2-3 working days .  Many orders ship in a day or two. Orders with special instructions or larger sized orders may take a bit longer.  

If you need something in a certain time frame I always try to accommodate.


Are your Dummy Rounds made up and ready to ship when the item says “In Stock?”

All items are made to order as they are ordered.  “In Stock” means I have the components on hand to produce the INERT cartridges. With the extreme scarcity of cartridge components these days, I am mindful  to not prepare a bunch of rounds in advance assuming they will eventually sell. Thank you for your understanding.

I do not ship outside of the United States and its Territories. Canada order option HERE

STANDARD SHIPPING RATES are very reasonable:

Your entire order ships for just $3.95!!

Please note: I live in a small town in the mountains and the mail only leaves the post office once a day. Therefore what is considered “next day” or “overnight” in most locations is really guaranteed 2 day delivery. So if I get it to the post office by 4:00 pm on a Wednesday it will be guaranteed for Friday delivery.